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At Oliver Chiropractic & Acupuncture, our chiropractor, Dr. Oliver, offers holistic health services to improve your fitness, health, and mobility. Review the services offered by our chiropractor in Purcellville & Reston VA area to learn how we can help you heal injuries, manage pain without the use of drugs, and achieve health and wellness goals.

Our Chiropractic Services

  • Chiropractic Adjustments - Our chiropractic care is gentle yet effective at treating injuries, including auto accident injury, headaches and migraines, workplace injury, and low back pain. We can realign your spine to take pressure off your joints and muscles, easing inflammation and pain so your body can heal.
  • Acupuncture - We offer acupuncture with and without needles. This traditional healing method can clear stagnant energy out of the body's energetic pathways, loosen muscle tension and inflammation, and prepare your body to receive a more intense chiropractic adjustment. For faster healing, we often recommend receiving both chiropractic and acupuncture.
  • Corrective Exercises - After we address your inflammation, manage your pain, and realign your spine, we can introduce corrective exercises. When performed at home to supplement our care, these exercises can strengthen muscles and retrain muscle movement to keep you healthy and injury free.
  • Nutritional Counseling - We know that the right vitamins, minerals, and supplements play an important role in healing pain and inflammation naturally. Let us recommend the right supplements to aid in your recovery.
  • Lifestyle Advice - We believe in holistic treatment, which takes a "whole person" view of your health. We are here to help you overcome obstacles, lose weight, or reach your health and wellness goals. Let us coach you on developing positive lifestyle habits, serve as a support system for behavioral modification, and support you wherever you are in your health and wellness journey.
  • Physiotherapy – Physiotherapy treatments -- including cryotherapy, mechanical traction, trigger point therapy, and interferential electrical muscle stimulation -- are an important part of the injury healing process. When the time is right, we can introduce physiotherapy to manage your pain and speed recovery.
  • Spinal and Postural Screening - Many people suffer from chronic back pain or muscle stiffness, yet do not realize that their pain is connection to spinal subluxations. Let us screen your posture, show you where you need alignment, and perform spinal manipulation to restore your mobility.
  • Drug Testing - For your convenience, we offer drug testing services. If you need drug test results for a job, we can handle that quickly for you.

Make an Appointment For a Chiropractic Adjustment

If you have been injured, the sooner after your injury you make an appointment for our care, the faster you will begin to heal.

If you have aches and pains, we urge you to call us today. You are eligible to receive a $50 credit toward your first visit if you are a new patient. Use our online appointment request form or call the office today at (703) 405-3108 to get started on your journey toward better health.

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